Catering & Special Orders

An old fashioned favorite reimagined and reinvented… pudding is perfection for special events and parties of any size!

· Catering options available for parties of any size
· Convenient packaging for individual servings can be tailored to any event
· Available by the pan – great for creating that “Ice Cream Parlor” feel
· Schulzies “On the Go!” Pudding Cart available for serving
· Controllable and shareable portions

For Catering questions and orders, please call: 916-529-6447

Deliveries ($50 purchase minimum)
$20 Base Fee
Standard delivery area limited to 30 miles of store location with a $3 per mile charge. Non- standard deliveries may be subject to additional charges.

Pudding Box ($500 minimum)
The pudding box starts at $500.00 and includes 4 batches, 4 toppings , and 2 sauces serving roughly 100 individual scoops. Cups, sporks and napkins are included.
Additional batches increase price of box by $80.00 per batch.
Each batch serves roughly 25.
Limit 9 flavors per pudding box.
2 boxes available as separate rentals.
Minimum 2 staff per box, 3 hours, $16 per hour per staff member.

Pudding Cart ($1000 minimum) for LA area only
The pudding cart starts at $1000.00. This includes 6 batches, 6 toppings, and 4 sauces.

Additional batches for cart increase price of cart by $80.00 per batch.
Limit 9 flavors for pudding cart.
Minimum 2 staff, 4 hours, $16 per hour per staff member.

General Catering
We or your chosen caterer can scoop the pudding into Martini glasses or bowl of choice.
$4.00/serving for less then 100 servings, $3.50/serving for over 100 servings.
Includes cups and sporks.
Can be picked up in store or delivered.
Schulzies Staff rate: $16 per staff member per hour.
Sauces: $12.00 per 6oz bottle. Toppings: $12.00 per 12oz container.

General Catering
All containers come with toppings and sauces
$8: 8 ounces- for 2-3 guests
$15: 16 ounces- for… 3-4guests
$19: 24 ounces- for… 5-7guests
$4.50-single scoop-individual
$6.50-double scoop-individual

If you have any questions, or to place an order please call us at 916-529-6447